Works quickly, accurately and efficiently 

Industrial robot arms

Butler are always seeking the best solution. How is the task solved? And how can it be simplified? In some case it is advantageous to use an industrial robot. But that is not always the best solution. We use our expertise and many years of experience to find the best overall solution. What will work best in your particular business?

Industrial usually require robots are built in with a safety fence around them. Versions of traditional industrial robots can lift up to 1300 kg. 

Made to work with people


Consisting of up to six flexible and movable joints (axis), a cobot works much like a human arm. Several of these robots can be integrated and give your business incredible flexibility.


  • can lift up to 35 kg
  • easy to install and program
  • works slowly and safely with people, accurately and efficiently
  • cobots with low lifting capacity has low weight

For simple repetitive movements

EVA Cobot

The EVA Cobot has a lower price and less weight than a regular cobot. It has no control cabinet, is easy to move, and weighs 9 kg. It can successfully be placed into production lines with repetitive movements and simple automation. In these cases, the use of EVA Cobot will make the production lines very flexible.


  • Lav pris
  • Low weight
  • Lifting capacity up to 1.25 kg
  • 6-axis
  • No control cabinet, only power supply

To help people


Kinova robot is made for helping people. It offers great opportunities in education, industry, research as well as in the health sector and in assistive technology.

Like the EVA Cobot, it has no control cabinet. It has low weight and high lifting capacity which makes it portable and easy to move. It has an opensource code. This makes it easy for those who want to use their own programs. It can also be used with the built-in Kortex control.


  • Made of carbon
  • Vekt fra 4 kg til 8,3 kg
  • Lifting capacity up to 4.0 kg
  • Open source
  • ROS compatible (Robot Operating System)