Solutions which provide flexibility

Mobile robots

At Butler we will help you to choose solutions with the most possible flexibility. Adjustments are easily at hand when the need for change arises - without calling for a specialist. We see this as crucial to save time and costs.

mini ™  mobile robots

UVC Disinfection mobile robot

Safe and automatic disinfection for public buildings.

The mini ™ UVC mobile robot disinfects easily and efficiently all types of indoor public space, from hotel rooms to hospitals, airports and more. All you have to do is make a map and set disinfection points. The mini ™ UVC mobile robot does the rest of the work. The powerful germacidal light kills up to 99% of viruses on surfaces one meter away at the rate of 4.2 meters per minute.

The mini ™ UVC disinfection robot is flexible enough to fit into any location and can be used 100% autonomously, semi-autonomously (for example if employees need to open doors), or manually with a joystick.

The mini ™ UVC can work alone, in a fleet with several mini ™ UVC or other ANT®-powered vehicles, such as the Nipper AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) pallet robot. The mini ™ UVC can be integrated and communicates with lifts and automatic doors.