Increase your competitiveness

Customer stories

Most advances in the industry derives when things are made easier, faster and better. When familiar tasks are solved in a new way.

Today, there are huge possibilities to simplify processes, reduce time consumption, increase safety and empower the competitiveness. One of the keys are increased use of automation – and we at Butler would like to help you.


During the spring of 2020, we carried out a project at one of our customers in Norway. The company has installed a Nipper mobile robot for transporting pallets as part of its production solution.

EVA robot installed at Qualitetch in UK

As an ambitious growing business, increasingly serving larger blue-chip customers in new geographies and new markets, Qualitetch was looking for a way to double production capacity without having to double headcount or run intosecond shifts.

Automation at Aluhak Systems

"The downturn in the oil industry made us decide to develop for the future, Bergmann explains. We made a plan to find ways to automate production. Could we use better and smarter technology to make things as rational as possible?"