Custom Solutions


We make custom solutions for subsea use and heavy load installation equipment. We strive to find smart and efficiency solutions for your needs. We can do a quick turnaround, and we focus to minimize installation time and do correct lifetime considerations as example for cost drivers for customer.

Retrofit Hatch Lock

Retrofit Hatch Lock

One sided and single point installation reduces installation time.

Clamp for subsea epoxy molding

Single ROV grip installation.

Heavy duty moonpool

Heavy duty moonpool door equipment for large hold back forces.

Swivel Collar Rotation Tool

Special Subsea Tool with multiple functions. (Click for film.)

Buoyancy Installation clamp

Topside tool for safe and efficient installation of buoyancy modules.

Umbilical Removal Tool

Tool to remove umbilical.

Wire Deflector Sheave

Buoyancy Stacking Frame

Transport frames for Buoyancy modules