Butler tailors tools for the offshore industry 

ROV Subsea Basket was developed and designed a number of years back, and we tailor the tool to the needs of our customers.  

Tailored ROV Subsea Basket 

Several subsea installation companies in Norway have special expertise and large vessels that travel around the North Sea, to Asia, Africa, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico. Offshore installations require maintenance and repairs, in addition to new installations.   

For new installations or maintenance operations, the Norwegian subsea installation companies are hired to assist with equipment.  

Transport of equipment to great water depths

We were asked when there was a need for a tool/aid that could easily transport equipment from vessels down to great depths. An ROV Subsea Basket was developed, which is used to transport equipment down to the seabed. The Subsea Basket is hoisted down by crane from the boat, and is designed to work easily in collaboration with an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), which is used to unload the tool and equipment down on the seabed. 

The advantage is that the ROV Subsea Basket has a basic design that can be modified and tailored to the customer's needs.  

Tailor-made for subsea contractor

One of our other customers needed to simplify access to the tools transported in the basketball when the equipment is prepared on deck. The solution was to modify Subsea Basket and place a door to solve this challenge. The construction of the structure makes this cost-effective and does not compromise the integrity and certifications of the product. 


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