Safety Friction Clamp. Technology, proven and genius. genial og testet teknologi

Our force distribution technology makes this to a flexible and adaptive technology for any purpose where friction can be used for hang-off. It is used for those items that do not have a structure for hang off the product or hang on the products wherever it is needed.

Flexible ricer and umbilical

A flexible ricer or an umbilical might have a soft shell on the outside, and the technology allows us to handle this surface with gentle care. By distribution of forces to all the surface area that makes friction, we create a safe and reliable connection without damaging the product.

safety friction clamp.              safety friction clamps



Our full-scale test system, gives the opportunity to show it holds what it intend to hold on friction. In order to ensure safe and predictable use, the friction clamps are tested with correct hang off weight. The surface is similar to product it is designed for.


Cost saving

When installing a flexible riser or an umbilical, the installation companies would use friction to control the laying object during the installation process by use of a Track Tensioner. In some cases the Track Tensioner will be used as both installation tool, and as a back-up tool. Our Safety Friction Clamp, can replace the track tensioner used as back up tool.


About friction

When you grab a can your hand will put a force onto the bottle and the friction created between your hand and the can, will prevent the can from slipping out of your hand. Our force distribution technology make it possible for us to hold not only 1 kg, but as much as 240 000 kg (240 tons). Frictions Clamps are available for top side use, subsea use, long term use and short-term use – we have flexible solutions that fits your purpose of use.



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  • Reduces procect cost
  • Multi-purpose
  • Low weight
  • Compact solution
  • Reuse leads to product cost reduction

Technical highlights

  • Full outside pressure control
  • Full utvendig trykkregulering
  • Load tested
  • Pads can be adjusted according to specification from customer
  • Up to 330 Te holding force
  • Weight: 1000-2000 Te (based on configuration)