Subsea marker for ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) for ROV (fjernstyrt undervannsfarkost) 

We received an enquiry from a company in Scotland that specializes in offshore industry. They were looking for a solution how to place markers for cables on the seabed using ROVs (remotely operated underwater vehicles). The challenge is when the cable lies over time, it disappears in the seabed, and they wanted to solve this with markers to show where the cable is. 

Clarification of needs 

After a clarification of needs, we came up with a solution they wanted to go for. The solution is a Subsea marker with opening on the underside so there is no need to find the end of the subsea cable. The Subsea marker is connected to a buoyancy unit (Subsea Buoyancy) via a rope. The buoyancy unit is the actual marker for the cable.  

Fast delivery with 3D printing 

One of our competitive advantages was that we could deliver quickly, and not least that we could 3D print the tool. We have good knowledge and experience of how raw materials should be used to provide a reliable product.  

The Subsea marker is easy to use for an ROV due to its low weight and strong construction. The accuracy of production makes it reliable in operation. Several types are available, and the products are scalable for different sizes or custom solutions..

Buoyancy calculations 

The specific gravity, water depth and buoyancy force of subsea buoyancy materials are interrelated. The deeper one wants to go, the heavier the buoyancy materials will be, and this leads to less buoyancy. There are several materials that can withstand the same depth, but with different specific gravity. We know the best materials, which can also be used in shallower water depths due to solid materials and low weight. We have many types of buoyancy that can withstand all depths.  

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