Cable Friction Clamp - fast and cost-effective solution

We are always looking for smart and profitable solutions for our customers. Both robot tools for traditional robots in industry, but also for ROVs that work subsea. Reuse of technology and openness to the use of new technology can provide major savings, both financially and in terms of time. 

The Cable Friction Clamp operated by an ROV is one of these solutions.

In one of our projects, the problem was to lift a cable from the seabed up to the surface, as well as to create a bending restraint to avoid cable deformation during ROV handling.

In collaboration with the customer, we looked at several solutions, and ended up using friction technology that can be remotely controlled by an ROV on the seabed. In addition to creating a friction lifting clamp for cable, we also designed a tool to prevent cable from breaking due to excessive bending.   

The solution we landed on meant that many of the parts could be produced using 3D printers. 

There were several advantages: 

  • It quickly became possible to produce prototypes, and the prototypes proved to be so good that it was decided to produce the finished parts also using 3D printing.  
  • It turned out to be a simpler production solution than at first thought. 
  • The delivery time was shorter.  
  • Good access to the right engineering and workshop expertise as well as proximity to production and experience from previous projects are essential for a successful result and short delivery times, even if the solutions to be used are project-specific. 

If you want to hear more about this and similar projects, please contact us!